Many years ago at the beginning of my physiotherapy journey patients used to ask what causes chronic pain?–

I replied ‘poor postural habits’ and ‘congestion’. Research developments now give us some answers for the ‘congestion’ I described. It is explained by altered soft tissue configurations within the fascial system. Movement maybe restricted by spams, contractures or injury, there could be multiple sites tight and painful areas of soft tissue within the fascial system that restrict function and impede on our daily activities.


Nowadays we are all more aware and understand the benefits of good postural habits, having manual therapies including massage treatments when required, increasing our movement activities and taking regular exercise to prevent ‘congestion’.


We try and keep active but still work related postural aches and pains can accumulate in your upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness in your lower backs. The aim of the professional massage mitts is to provide an alternative way to reduce your own musculoskeletal symptoms and improve sustainable outcomes with our at-home remedy. Using the mitts ‘little and often’ will help you support your overall health and help to prevent and reduce restricted movement and ease localised musculoskeletal aches and pains around the body. We know we can benefit from manual therapy approaches to treat tense, fatigued and painful muscles and other repetitive strain conditions and reduce the fascial tension.


The Professional Holistic Massage Mitts


Nowadays we are all more aware and understand the benefits of good postural habits, we seek manual therapies including massage treatments when required, we try and increase our movement activities and endeavour to take regular exercise. BUT still work related postural aches and pains can accumulate in our upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness to our lower backs. The aim of the professional massage mitts is to provide an alternative way to reduce our musculoskeletal symptoms with improved sustainable outcomes.


Use the Mitts regularly to gently massage areas of tight restricted movement and localised areas of aches and pains that accumulate around the body affected by musculoskeletal dysfunction. Your symptoms will ease and you will be helping yourself to support your overall health. We know there are many benefits from manual therapy approaches to ease tense, fatigued, painful muscles and repetitive strain conditions. Stimulate the body’s own physiological responses to enhance repair, remodel, reduce swelling and decrease associated strain that cause dysfunction.


The Professional Massage Mitts are a pair of silicon massage mitts designed and patented GB2543361 by a qualified and chartered physiotherapist. They are for medical and sports use. They also reduce strain on the wrist and hands of the masseuse/user.

The physiotherapist is Sandra Whittle and the company that holds all rights is Soma Therapies Ltd (Company registration No: 04988710).   At the time of conception Sandra was working long hours providing physio and various massage treatments in a very busy physiotherapy clinic. The Professional Massage Mitts were designed out of necessity; Sandra was suffering from repetitive strain injuries to the wrists and hands.  The Mitts have integral support to protect the therapist’s hands and external nodules for increased tactile surface to enhance sensory massage stimulation.  They can be used for self-massage or as an aid for rehabilitation from allied health professionals for more complex soft tissue mobilisation procedures.

Over time and after hundreds of patients’ feedback along with numerous testimonials, it was obvious that if the patient took control of their rehabilitation and used the Mitts on themselves they were able to improve their own outcomes and physically reduce their own symptoms. The Mitts empower patients to be able to do something constructive instead of relying on healthcare professionals to make the changes for them. This positive change in behaviours I’m sure would be welcome by the NHS. 


The Professional Massage Mitts


Too many of us are reliant on drugs for pain relief. Learn how to help yourself by massaging your own aches and pains.

A large number of people live with chronic pain and minor ailments. Massaging with the Mitts will help you live a more comfortable life.

The Professional Massage Mitts are for people that are essentially well, but want to top up their well-being.

(They are not a substitute for professional medical advise, but are a useful self-massage Tool).


The Mitts -

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and texture.
  • Provide the ultimate relaxation massage, to help you unwind and de-stress.
  • Provide an effective and comfortable massage by reducing connective tissue densities more quickly and easily to reduce pain.
  • Provide massage support for sore, aching muscles.
  • Reduce scar tissue tension.
  • Promote healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses.
  • Relieve tension within the fascial system, stimulate blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage.
  • Protect your hands against fatigue and repetitive strain injuries through their ergonomic design, making it easier to massage.



Week one of six pelvic floor challenge! Spring 2019
Attached is a video, make sure the sound is up high.
The video is six minutes and forty one seconds long (6.41 secs).
Sit comfortably, listen out for the vibrations and squeeze along to the sound. This sequence has five quick contractions, then five slower contractions of a three second hold.
By the end you would have performed 100 contractions...well done!
If you have time and a vibrator at home why not try increasing the intensity of your contractions by adding some resistance.
Or if you are not sure if you are performing them correctly or you have reduced sensory feedback down there, try sitting on a rolled up towel.
Let me know how many times you manage to do this exercises, everyday would be good but 3-5 times in the week would be fine. But remember to do at least 50 contractions daily on all the other days.

Cancer is no longer considered a contraindication for massage.

Patients receiving massage therapy during and after their chemotherapy show a significant decrease in anxiety levels.

Cancer patients can experience high levels of pain, but if they had a safe massaging tool to use at home where they need it most would have a profound impact on their quality of life.


Cancer survival rate have steadily improved over the years and people are living longer.  Therefore it is important that people can comfortably return to as full and healthy a life as possible. Feeling confident to return to work, sport and other activities that enriched their lives before cancer and enjoy activities that will add quality to their lives, fitness and well-being after. 

Many cancer survivors  live with post cancer symptoms form the complications of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or targeted immunotherapy. These complications can my debilitating, distressing and can hinder their recovery process.

The professional massage mitts can support the cancer survivor at various stages providing a gentle self-management massage tool to promote and sustain recovery.
effective for reducing the side effects of musculoskeletal complications of scar tissue, adhesion's and altered configurations of the fascial tissue to maintain range of movement.
minimsing the effects of lymphoedema

Many people are still fearful of treating patients with a diagnosis of cancer, but massage is no longer considered an exclusion contraindication to other parts of the body.
(It is contra-indicated that you DO NOT massage directly over the tumor area and if there is any doubt we advise you seek advice from your health care professional).
Making a difference to cancer survivors
There are a number of reason people seek relief form their musculoskeletal conditions
  • Their condition is related to their cancer diagnosis
  • Their symptoms are a consquence of their interventions they have received for their cancer.
  • Or something totally unrelated to the cancer, i.e, osteoarthritis, sporting injury, etc.


A detailed assessmant, as well as an holistic supportive approach is essential to gain the relevant treatment outcomes.


Surgery and radiotherapy can rinduce fascial dysfunction and restrictions. This may contribute to impaired joint mobility and function, and altered configerations of facia resulting in muscle imbalance and poor postural habits. Massage and myofascial massage techniques with the Mitts can significantly improve pain and restore function, especially post breast surgery.

 A lots of cancer survivors post mastectomy, prostatectomy, and surgery for head and neck cancers benefit from being touched and being able to massage themselves. It provides reassurance and acceptance of the disfigured, altered part of their body and become less fearful of it.

Patients tissue oxygenation levels can respond differently after radiotherapy treatments. Self-massage would increase tissue oxygenation early post-surgery and after chemo or radiotherapy treatment to benefit patients.

Self-massage with the Mitts will also help patients to manage their depleted energy and fatigue, and could reduce their anxiety levels after their chemotherapy, or bring relief to their radiotherapy burns.

Many patients after breast conserving and mastectomy surgery suffer from myofascial pain which can also cause neck pain. Myofascial pain in not uncommon in terminally ill patients. Fascia is very resilient, being able to self-massage symptoms will bring a new perspectives for both patients, clinicians and researchers regarding the functional integration of fascia within the musculoskeletal system.