Sports Massage

the physiotherapist or sports massage therapist is not always available to massage you after a major event. You can massage yourself either in the shower with your usual shower products, or self-massage with oil after the event and in-between your appointments. Deep tissue massage can sometimes be very painful, the massage mitts provide a more comfortable massage.


Sports Massage £40

Reduce your muscle asches and stiffness


Relaxation, Pregancy & Well-Being Massage £40

Relieve tension and tiredness, allow your body to relax


Oncology Massage £40

Reduce restricted painful movements


Scar Tissue Massage £40

Increase tissue oxygenation and flexibility


Facial Massage £40

Unwind after a busy day with a relaxing pamper


Lymphatic Massage £40

Stimulate the body's own recovery processess.


Self-Massage Consultation using the Professional Massage Mitts, learn how to massage your own aches and pains.

Plus one pair of Mitts £50


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At Soma Therapies the therapists are dedicated to helping you to improve and maintain your health. 

Soma offers new innovative self-Massage solution to improve your health and well-being.  



To Help you help yourself!

At Soma Therapies we believe in you, we simply aim to show you how to do more for yourself.

We guide you with simple massage techniques and introduce your to the idea that you can do more to reduce your pain and increase your range of pain free movement.

Our starting point is showing you how to massage areas of pain and restricted movement to facilitate the change towards a healthier and symptom free life. 


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