There are several studies that highlight the positive effects of massage to reduce pain in various chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, and  studies that highlight the benefits of massage to positively reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety amongst patients. Massage physically reduces heart rate, and there is evidence of improved immune function by reducing stress levels through massage. Recent studies link inflammation and fascia dysfunction to the increased pain levels in fibromyalgia and suggest the use of manual therapies such as the massage and myofascial release techniques would be extremely effective.

Massage is used for various reasons, we know that it increases localised blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves flexibility and joint mobility, induces relaxation to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, boosts your energy levels, releases endorphins and enhances mood, increases the flow of lymph and enhances the immune system, improving health in general. It also relieves chronic low back pain symptoms and increases functional movements patterns, it provides general pain relief, and increases range of joint movements, plus improves psychological functions. I believe we should be discussing self-massage as an option for our patients.