Medical/Scar Tissue massage

You can gain significant health benefits from regular massage. Massage can help your muscles relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function to your body. Using the massage mitts will effectively reduce any muscle tightness and fascial tension between the soft tissue layers that may cause pain. You can safely use them on healed burn and scar tissue, plus on multiple musculoskeletal conditions. Massage your own aches and pains safely and effectively to save both time and money.


Injury and scars tissue are also indicative for using the massage mitts.

Scars can be cosmetically, psychologically, and physically incapacitating for patients, having a massage aid for home use that enhances the healing process would positively impact both the physical and emotional scars. The initial injuries may be caused by trauma, surgery, burns, or a skin disease, having a practical tool to support the process of tissue healing empowers you to increase your own body awareness and make positive change to your health.


Stages of healing 

  • Stage 1: Acute inflammatory reaction - the massage mitts can be used to decrease inflammation, increase lymphatic draining and influence early fibroblastic activity to promote healing and prevent compensation patterns.
  • Stage 2: Subacute repair and healing - this is when collagen and scar tissue formation can be influenced by using the massage mitts. Post injury/operation when the wound has healed (approximately after two weeks), using the massage mitts will reduce recovery times and improve outcomes without overstressing the tissue and maintain, or increase flexibility within the tissue.
  • Stage 3: Remodelling - reduce tissue and scar contraction with continued frequent gentle massage techniques with the mitts to return to full function and mobility.
  • Stage 4: The Maturation Phase can last between 21 days and two years Macrophages re-organise the collagen within the newly healed wound to form a scar. This scar tissue will fade from red to white over time. Using the massage mitts will ensure that the scar remain flexible and reduce the risk of scar tissue complications.

The components of scar tissue formed in subacute phase two is quite different from the functional chronic healing stage. It will slightly vary also depending on the pathology of the wound, injury site, and if the wound is from trauma, elective surgery, or from a burn. There is evidence that suggests scar massage is effective to improve scar tissue appearance, but more extensive clinical trials are needed to develop evidence-based guidelines for scar massage.