Week one of six pelvic floor challenge! Spring 2019
Attached is a video, make sure the sound is up high.
The video is six minutes and forty one seconds long (6.41 secs).
Sit comfortably, listen out for the vibrations and squeeze along to the sound. This sequence has five quick contractions, then five slower contractions of a three second hold.
By the end you would have performed 100 contractions...well done!
If you have time and a vibrator at home why not try increasing the intensity of your contractions by adding some resistance.
Or if you are not sure if you are performing them correctly or you have reduced sensory feedback down there, try sitting on a rolled up towel.
Let me know how many times you manage to do this exercises, everyday would be good but 3-5 times in the week would be fine. But remember to do at least 50 contractions daily on all the other days.