Remedial Massage

A remedial massage with the mitts is an excellent way of relieving tension and tiredness, allowing the body to relax and enhancing the body’s own recovery process.You can use them on chronic and acute conditions to enhance blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and reduce restricted painful movements. They are light weight and flexible making them easily to carry, and take up minimal space in a draw. Leave them in the bathroom for easy access and as a reminder to use them regularly.


Relaxation Massage

Massage treatments have become very popular, the Professional Massage Mitts provide an excellent way to enjoy massage in your own home. Unwind after a busy day with a relaxing massage. Use the mitts to relax tense, aching muscles, no need for appointments.


For best results use with massage oil.


Massage is useful to reduce back pain in pregnancy, postpartum and intrapartum on the maternity wards. Health care professionals report how massage can decrease pain, shortening delivery time, and increase the satisfaction of a woman’s birthing experience while in hospital. After unplanned Caesarean sections women would also benefit from massage to decrease their stress levels, reduce their pain levels, and reduce pain medication.

Using the massage mitts for self-massage or massage by another family member in these scenarios with benefit the patient and improve post-operative scar healing, reduce symptoms of pain and increase flexibility and movement. Interventions that are designed to promote family participation for a loved ones admitted to hospital in acute care wards could improve patient outcomes and recovery, relative could become a part of their loved ones care.