My name is Sandra, I am a Chartered physiotherapist registered in the UK. My whole career I have been clinically interested in the holistic approach to Self-Help Physiotherapy and Self-Help Massage, my ‘Massage Mittsl’ harnesses my knowledge from decades of physiotherapy and complementary therapies.

Many years ago at the beginning of my physiotherapy journey patients used to ask what causes chronic pain?

My reply was ‘poor postural habits’ and ‘congestion’. Research developments now give us some answers for the ‘congestion’ I described. It is explained by altered soft tissue configurations within the fascial system. Movement maybe restricted by spams, contractures or injury, there could be multiple sites tight and painful areas of soft tissue within the fascial system that restrict function and impede on our daily activities.

Nowadays we are all more aware and understand the benefits of good postural habits, having manual therapies including massage treatments when required, increasing our movement activities and taking regular exercise to prevent ‘congestion’.  But we have yet to realise our full potential when it come to doing more for ourselves. Our body are amazing, they have very adaptable self-healing and self-regulating systems that can bring about positive health changes to our health.

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My Clinical Interests are -

  • Chronic pain • Postural alignment • Massage & soft tissue mobilisations
  • Lymphatic & Fascia integrity • Sports massage and rehabilitation
  • Oncology massage • Women’s Health, ‘pelvic floor’ rehabilitation.
  • Womens Health

We try and keep active but still work related postural aches and pains can accumulate in your upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness in your lower backs. The aim of the professional massage mitts is to provide an alternative way to reduce your own musculoskeletal symptoms and improve sustainable outcomes with our at-home remedy.

Using the mitts ‘little and often’ will help you support your overall health and help to prevent and reduce restricted movement and ease localised musculoskeletal aches and pains around the body. We know we can benefit from manual therapy approaches to treat tense, fatigued and painful muscles and other repetitive strain conditions and reduce the fascial tension.