Self-Help Massage using the Massage Mitts


If you have an ache or pain you instinctively rub or self-massage the area. If you have a tight muscle you will instinctively stretch it. These instincts are innate and have been used by our ancestors for centuries. Tender and congested areas of our body can often be treated with the gentle pressure of self-massage to bring about the combined neurologic and chemical adjustments in the tissue being massaged as well as the systems as a whole.


Massaging with the ‘Massage Mitts’ will help to enhance your body’s own self-regulating, biochemical and neurophysiological response systems to improve your well-being and restore function. Self-Massage can be an effective approach to support the body's self-healing abilities; do not underestimate the positive and maintainable response that massage can make to congested systems.


Massage techniques have stood the test of time!


Using the mitts is one of many solutions to help you achieve a long term solution to reduce your aches and pains. A self-massage approach will help you to recognise both primary and secondary musculoskeletal issues that have evolved over the years.


The Massage Mitts are not a substitute for medical advice. The techniques and theories described within our websites or our booklets have been developed over three decades of study and training with professional instructors and educational institutions. Use the Mitts as an aid to use in between treatments with your healthcare professional. Use them to keep on top of your minor musculoskeletal symptoms and check with your healthcare professional that the routines you use are suitable for your individual needs. Before any massage regime one would do well in seeking professional advice and you must take more responsibility for your own health.


“You instinctively know when you need a good massage”


Regular massage will help reset altered tension patterns that accumulate in the body after trauma, Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) from work and poor postural habits. Regular massage will help prevent injury caused by the use, misuse and abuse we put our bodies through daily.

We also need a basic understanding the integration of structures and systems of our body and how they influence our health if we are going to improve it. Your whole body is completely connected including your mind and emotions!

Learn how to look after yourself with self-massage, and understand how our fascial, musculoskeletal and all other systems are connected.


“Everything is connected”


  • Massaging with the Massage Mitts will positively enhance the body's own self-regulating biochemical and neurophysiological response systems.
  • Use the Mitts to massage and mobilise the tight soft tissue around tight joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Self-Massage will help increase localised cellular activity to rduce tissue congestion that can be responsible for causing pain, discomfort and fatigue.



Instructions on how to put the mitts on and how to use them-

Apply massage oil to area you wish to massage. If your skin is dry you may need two coverings of oil. Rub the excess oil around your hand so the mitts glide onto your hands. Massage each body section for about 5-10 mins

An alternative is to use them in the shower or bath with you usual shower and bath products. Wet the skin then apply the soap or shower gel, gentle massage the chosen area on the body for 2-5 minutes then wash the soap off.