Professional Massage Mitts

The Professional Massage Mitts are a therapeutic, multi-directional massage tool designed to enhance self-massage. They can be used for rehabilitation and soft tissue mobilisation techniques for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

They may be used as an aid for patient autonomous rehabilitation pre- and post-surgery, in an out-patient setting, and for allied health professionals to administer more intensive and complex procedures for the management of scar tissue.

Massage with the mitts provides a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical alternative to reduce the symptoms of numerous musculoskeletal acute and chronic conditions, for rehabilitation pre- & post-surgery to reduce pain and restore function.

The Mitts harness the knowledge of decades of physiotherapy and complementary therapies to create a highly functional and time saving pair of massage mitts. They have numerous therapeutic applications.  They reduce the impact of hours of massage and soft tissue mobilising techniques on the therapists’ hands and encompass years of scientific research.

After using the Mitts on your skin even for a couple of minutes the tension of the tissue and fascia changes and soften. Dysfunctions of the fascia have been recognised as an indication of various symptoms, including scar tissue, musculoskeletal pain and altered soft tissue configurations that reduce functional movement.

Sports massage has long been used to reduce or resolve pain and dysfunction and to use as part of a rehabilitation programme between training and after events. The soft tissue massage techniques of remedial sport massage help restore function and aid the recovery process.  Sports massage is considered important in rehabilitation; it is used to optimise the athlete’s health to stimulate biomechanical and physiological processes necessary to optimise performance, conditioning, maintenance support.  It is indicated that using the mitts post sporting events reduce the effects of the delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS).  


Benefits of using the massage mitts 


  • Encourages and empowers you to take control and responsibility for your own health and well-being.
  • Reduce ‘days off sick’ with minor MSK ailments.
  • Reduces the use of pain medication.
  • Improves outcomes in musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Improves self-care and preventative interventions in both primary and secondary care.
  • Reduces recovery time and improve outcome post-surgery and improve scar tissue formation.
  • Reduces the number of musculoskeletal and medical conditions that are being remedied or managed by surgery, they provide an alternative option before surgery.
  • Improves oncology management and self-care.
  • Gives you something to do for yourself in between appointments with other healthcare and massage professionals, taking more of a role in your own well-being.





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Our Story 

The Professional Massage Mitts are a pair of silicon massage mitts designed and patented GB2543361 by a qualified state registered chartered physiotherapist.

At the time of her idea conception of the Professional Massage Mitts the physio was working long hours providing treatments in a very busy physiotherapy clinic.

The Mitts were designed out of necessity, the physio was suffering from repetitive strain injuries to their wrists and hands. The Mitts have integrated support to protect the therapist’s hands and external nodules for increased tactile surface to enhance sensory massage stimulation. 

They can be used for self-massage or as an aid for symptom/pain relief from allied health professionals for more complex soft tissue mobilisation procedures. 

Over time and after hundreds of patients’ feedback along with numerous testimonials, it was obvious that this self-massaging tool empowered people, enabling them to do something for themselves and help reduce their musculoskeletal symptoms of general aches and pains for themselves.


Design Features of the Massage Mitts as a Therapeutic Massage Tool

  • Surface nodules of various dimensions.
  • The quality and consistency of the silicone nodules have encompassed features for optimum body conditioning and maximum contact.
  • The nodules increase sensory stimulation and sensory feedback. 
  • Made with medical/food grade silicone.

The flexibility of the mitts makes it easy to follow the contours of the body and keeps your hands relaxed for ease of movement. 

The Mitts unique shape and integral support protects the user from repetitive strain injuries and overuse of their wrist, hand and finger joints. 


Professional Massage Mitts

Everyone deals with aches and pains, but not everyone has the time or cash for a professional massage. The professional massage mitts provide you with a massage tool so you can massage yourself.

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Why people seek massage

  • Relaxation 
  • Sports massage 
  • Injury 
  • Unexplained pain, alternative to the GP 
  • Chronic conditions 
  • Alternative to pain relief 

The Professional Massage Mitts are more effective than massage with hands alone. 

Massage with the mitts will improve local tissue function, reduce adhesion's by the increased the increased localised energy exchange, blood flow and tissue oxygenation that they generate. Over 98% of 455 patients surveyed preferred the massage mitts over just hands only.

The massage mitts provide a solution for – 

Sports Massage – the physiotherapist or sports massage therapist is not always available to massage you after a major event. You can massage yourself either in the shower with your usual shower products, or self-massage with oil after the event and in-between your appointments. Deep tissue massage can sometimes be very painful; the Massage Mitts provide a more comfortable massage with what we believe to be better results.

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Remedial/Holistic Massage – A remedial/holistic massage with the mitts is an excellent way of relieving tension and tiredness, allowing the body to relax and enhancing the body’s own recovery process. You can use them on chronic and acute conditions to enhance blood circulation, tissue oxygenation and reduce restricted painful movements. They are light weight and flexible making them easily carried taking up minimal space in a draw, cupboard, or just left out as a visible in the bathroom for easy access and as a reminder to use them regularly.

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Medical Massage - You can gain significant health benefits from regular massage. Massage can help your muscles relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function to your body. Using the massage mitts will effectively reduce any muscle tightness and fascial tension between the soft tissue layers that may cause pain. You can safely use them on healed burn and scar tissue, plus on multiple musculoskeletal conditions. Massage your own aches and pain safely and effectively to save both time and money.

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Relaxation Massage – Massage treatments have become very popular: the Professional Massage Mitts provide an excellent way to enjoy massage in your own home. Unwind after a busy day with a relaxing massage. Use the mitts to relax tense, aching muscles, with no need for appointments.

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  Sports Massage, Medical Massage, Relaxation Massage, Remedial/Holistic Massage 


The Professional Self-Massage Mitts Survey

455 physiotherapy clients surveyed: 98% stated a preference and benefit of using the massage mitts as opposed to bare hand massage.

“The massage mitts are easy to use and provide far superior results than just hands alone, people prefer using them and feel the results last much longer”.


The Professional Massage Mitts are designed to induce a deep and more pleasurable massage experience for you and your family.

Massage your partner, your teenage kids, or yourself to enhance your physical and emotional well-being.

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The Mitts -

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and texture.  
  • Provide the ultimate relaxation massage, to help you unwind and de-stress.  
  • Reduce scar tissue tension. 
  • Promote healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses.  
  • Relieve tension within the fascial system, stimulate blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage.  
  • Protect your hands against fatigue and repetitive strain injuries through their ergonomic design making it easier to massage. 
  • Provide an effective and comfortable massage by reducing connective tissue densities more quickly and easily to reduce pain.  
  • Provide massage support for sore, aching muscles.

The mitts harness the knowledge of decades of physiotherapy and complementary therapies to create a highly functional, money, and time saving pair of massage mitts.  We are advised to keep active, yet work related postural aches and pains can still accumulate in our upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness in the lower back.  The aim of the massage Mitts is to provide an alternative option to reduce our musculoskeletal symptoms. Using the mitts regularly will help work towards preventing and reducing our everyday aches and pains.  


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  • 'Massage with the Professional Relaxation Mitts positively enhances the body’s own self-regulating physiological response systems.
  • Most people prefer them to massage with hands alone'.
  • The Mitts provide a comfortable massage. Any massage you give using your hands you will be more stimulating with the mitts on.
  • Massage treatments have become very popular - the Professional Massage Mitts provide an excellent way to enjoy massage in your own home. 
  • Unwind after a busy day with a relaxing massage.
  • Use the mitts to relax tense, aching muscles.

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The Professional Massage Mitts are more effective than hands alone. 

  • You can gain significant health benefits from regular massage.
  • Using the massage mitts will effectively, and more comfortably, reduce any muscle tightness and fascial tension between the soft tissue layers. 
  • Massage can help your muscles relax, recover and regenerate to reduce your pain and restore function to your body. 
  • Use in the shower with you normal personal care product or massage with any mineral oil 
  • Stress reduction and relaxation are the two main physiological benefits from Massage Therapy.
  • A remedial massage with the mitts is an excellent way of relieving tension and tiredness, allowing the body to relax and enhancing the body’s own recovery process.  
  • Massage with the mitts promotes healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses, reducing stiffness and pain.
  • Use with oil to massage your everyday aches and pains


Expertly designed by a British State Registered Chartered Physiotherapist:

“I wanted to make a product that give you more control over your own well-being, which helps to reduce tension in your body making you feel incredible.”


After using the massage mitts on your skin for even just a couple of minutes you will begin to feel changes to the quality of the tissue within that area.

Almost immediately you will notice the tissue relaxing.

 The simple science behind how it works

  • The unique shape of the massage mitts and its nodules increases sensory input to keep the brain informed, and provide pressure to increase feedback to improve condition and function.  
  • They provide an increased textured surface area to improve sensory date for the brain to decode and re-program.  
  • The nodules on the mitts also stimulate the fascial and musculoskeletal systems of the body, which in turn will naturally reduce tension, repair, and hydrate and oxygenate the tissue.  
  • The nodules on the mitts provide a brief mechanical stretch affecting the skin, soft tissue, sub-dermal structures and deeper fascia.

You can use the mitts with a variation of gentle massage, pressure, duration and direction to initiate and increase the self-healing and self-regulating physiological responses.  

Massage with the massage mitts promotes healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses to reducing stiffness and pain. Massage initiates the body’s own homeostatic processes by stimulating the soft tissue where you are massaging thus turning the stimuli into nature’s own biochemical and neurophysiological responses, improving well-being and restoring function.

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Gentle Body Massage

The basic elements of massage include gentle stroking movements over the body but you can massage with the mitts using various techniques. You can also adjust the duration and direction. They are effective in the reduction of both acute and chronic symptoms. By increasing blood flow and tissue oxygenation to soft tissue structures which leads to decreased pain and increased flexibility.  Perform simple massage techniques to reduce the symptoms of myofascial tension, scar tissue and soft tissue adhesion's.  

Massage improves local tissue function and reduces adhesion's through increased energy exchange and tissue oxygenation.  

  • Face, head and neck 
  • Upper back neck and shoulders 
  • Lower back, hips and thighs 
  • Stomach 
  • Lower limbs, knees, ankles and feet 
  • All joints 
  • Healed scar tissue and adhesion's. 

Take control start using the massage mitts today!


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Hand Size Guide 

Instruction on how to put the mitts on How to use the massage mitts-

Apply massage oil to area you wish to massage. If your skin is dry you may need two coverings of oil. Rub the excess oil around your hand so the mitts glide onto your hands. An alternative is to use them in the shower or bath with you usual shower and bath products. Wet the skin then apply the soap or shower gel, gentle massage the chosen area on the body for 2-5 minutes then wash the soap off. 

Smaller hands - after pulling the mitts onto the hand via the tab located at the front of your wrist joint will need to push the mitts together via the web space between the thumb joint and the main parts of the mitts. 

Medium sized hands - will just need to pull on the wrist tab to aid positioning.

Larger hands - will need to rotate their hands at 90 degree angles at the twist opening then rotate their hands into the mitt while puling in the wrist tab. They are very sturdy don't be frightened of breaking them, they will stretch. 

The mitts are one size for all. 

Use stroking, effleurage and large circular movement buy gliding the flat hand over the skin. The more nodules that come into contact to the skin the better the results. (Try not to use just your fingers and thumbs while massaging).