Benefits of using the massage mitts 


  • Encourages and empowers you to take control and responsibility for your own health and well-being.
  • Reduce ‘days off sick’ with minor MSK ailments.
  • Reduces the use of pain medication.
  • Improves outcomes in musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Improves self-care and preventative interventions in both primary and secondary care.
  • Reduces recovery time and improve outcome post-surgery and improve scar tissue formation.
  • Reduces the number of musculoskeletal and medical conditions that are being remedied or managed by surgery, they provide an alternative option before surgery.
  • Improves oncology management and self-care.
  • Gives you something to do for yourself in between appointments with other healthcare and massage professionals, taking more of a role in your own well-being.


Professional Massage Mitts

Everyone deals with aches and pains, but not everyone has the time or cash for a professional massage. The professional massage mitts provide you with a massage tool so you can massage yourself.


The Mitts  Help to -

  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone and texture.  
  • Provide the ultimate relaxation massage, to help you unwind and de-stress.  
  • Reduce scar tissue tension. 
  • Promote healing and flexibility by stimulating the body’s own physiological responses.  
  • Relieve tension within the fascial system, stimulate blood flow and increase lymphatic drainage.  
  • Protect your hands against fatigue and repetitive strain injuries through their ergonomic design making it easier to massage. 
  • Provide an effective and comfortable massage by reducing connective tissue densities more quickly and easily to reduce pain.  
  • Provide massage support for sore, aching muscles.

The mitts harness the knowledge of decades of physiotherapy and complementary therapies to create a highly functional, money, and time saving pair of massage mitts.  We are advised to keep active, yet work related postural aches and pains can still accumulate in our upper back, neck and shoulders and cause stiffness in the lower back.  The aim of the massage Mitts is to provide an alternative option to reduce our musculoskeletal symptoms. Using the mitts regularly will help work towards preventing and reducing our everyday aches and pains.  


You can massage you whole body;