Workshop 3



MyKORI™  Pelvic Floor  Workshop.

A biotesegrity focused therapy approach for women with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.

  • An introduction to female pelvic floor function, dysfunction and treatments using ‘MyKORI’, a pelvic floor resistance trainer and massage tool designed to reduce symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction can include bowel/bladder/sexual problems, prolapse, abdominal pain, back pain/pelvic pain, and much more.
  • An introduction to our Biotensegrity-focused approach to pelvic floor dysfunction. Join us to learn how to improve and condition your pelvic floor health. 
  • Small group sessions or corporate events available to discuss female pelvic floor function, dysfunction and rehabilitation.
  • Learn about Biotensegrity, Fascia and the tissue matrix, and how they impact the function and condition of our 'pelvic floors'.  
MyKORI™ is a pelvic floor resistance trainer and massage tool designed to reduce symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, find out how to use it and gain the maximum benefit from owning one. 

Price £60 per person, per workshop session

The workshop includes one MyKORITM (R.R.P. £49.99).

What should I expect during the workshop?
• Great conversations in small groups of women all experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction. 
• Lots of information and advice on best practice for pelvic floor conditioning.
• A demonstration of home exercise programme for – 
       o Pelvic floor ‘Kegel’ exercises and relaxation techniques using MyKORI™
       o Discussion on Sacroiliac (SI) joint, hip and low back pain
       o Breathing and relaxation techniques to help reduce pelvic diaphragm tension
• Learn basic gentle massage techniques for Perineum, Vagina, vulva abdomen, thighs, hips and feet. 
What should I wear to MyKORI pelvic floor rehabilitation workshops?
You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in and are able to move easily in. (There is no internal examination)
This workshop is for -
• ANY WOMAN who has a vagina and vulva who wants to know more!  
• Healthcare professionals
• Our aim is to reach as many WOMEN as possible to discuss our pelvic floors, 1 in 3 women have issues and are suffering in silence.  
• I want to support you and empower you with supportive and clear information from a reliable evidence-based source!
Duration of the workshop is three hours. 
There are morning, afternoon and evening sessions available.
Covid 19 – social distancing, face coverings are required throughout the duration of the workshop. Hand washing facilities and hand sanitisers are provided.
Workshop facilitator

Sandra Whittle, Physiotherapist

Associate member of the Pelvic Obstetric & Gynaecological Physiotherapist (POGP)