Sports Massage


•Soft tissue problems
• Improved performance

Who can benefit?


SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY• improve performance and help prevent injury. Early identification of potential problems and their subsequent treatment keeps the body in a state of fine tuning and able to perform at the highest level.
• Speed recovery between training sessions, thus maximising the effects of rest and further training.
• Identify specific overuse, repetitive or compensational problems where weakness, over tightness or injury has lead to an imbalance within the muscular system.



• Relieve fatigue after exercise.
• Prevent overuse problems developing into more serious injuries.
• Stretch tight muscles and strengthen weak ones.


• Relieve stress and tension from standing or sitting for long periods in one position (desk or computer!).

• Treat repetitive strain injury.

Give specific attention to head, neck, shoulders and low back pain and tension.

• Stretch tight muscles.

Jill Perkes has done intensive research on the effects of massage on the muscles. (Effects of massage on limb and skin blood flow after quadriceps exercise published in;Medicine and Science in Sport and exercise 2005). She found that massage is an effective modality on helping to increase the length of the leg muscles.

SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPYThis type of research is particularly important when working with and treating sports players. She is keen to facilitate optimum sports performance and prescribe and deliver treatment that is effective and efficient. She uses hands on therapy techniques pre and post performance or to treat injury.

When working with a local championship league football team, She found that pre match sports massage was responsible for a 19% reduction in calf strains over 2 seasons. Sports massage used within 48 hours post performance also helped to reduced the amount of lactic acid in the leg muscles- responsible for delayed onset muscle soreness.

Sports massage can be highly effective when dealing with injuries such as muscle strains, sprains, shin splints, various forms of tendonitis, runner’s knee (tight ITB’s), tennis & golfer’s elbow, muscle imbalances & tight muscles generally.

All athletes look for an edge that can help them train more effectively, perform better or overcome injuries quickly. Massage can be a very important part of an athletes' regime. Here at Soma Therapies we are keen to support and help deliver the desire for excellence.

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