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Welcome to the wonderful world of Self-Massage!

Massage is a natural therapy used for centuries to help relieve a wide range of

physical and psychological issues and we should use it more often.


Use the Massage Mitts for Self-Massage to promote general good health, well-being and manage the physical impact of stress.


Self-Massage is a truly useful therapy for people of all ages to enjoy, take more responsibility for your own health and well-being and start massaging more today!


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Take more responsibility for your own health and well-being!

My Name is Sandra Whittle and my mission is to enable you help yourself more by using simple self-massage techniques to reduce your pain and increase your range of pain free movement.


Areas of 'soft tissue congestion' around your body may be causing you pain and restricted movement, try massaging them to reduce the tension, increase cellular activity and increase tissue flexibility.


I would like to help you move towards a healthier and symptom free life!


Why not book a course today and see first-hand how Self-Massage can help you or your team!

Workshop 1

An introduction to Self-Help Sports Massage using the Massage Mitts, ideal for Elite Sports Professionals and local clubs

Workshop 2

An introduction to Self-Help Massage and the key elements for good health and function.

Workshop 3

‘MyKORI’ pelvic floor rehabilitation Workshop.

A biotensegrity focused therapy approach for women with symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction.


Small Group workshops and private individual sessions available!

(For more information please contact us via our enquiries form on this website)


The techniques and theories described within this website are described solely for reference and have been developed over three decades of study and training with professional instructors and educational institutions. I cannot accept responsibility for whatever may result from you practicing and performing the techniques mentioned. It’s time to take more responsibility over your own health, and before undertaking any massage regime you would do well in seeking professional advice first. It would be an advantage for you to spend time researching the internet for some basic anatomy and physiology in relation to massage.